Strata Services

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River Rock is expanding in their Strata Maintenance Services!


Over the past few years, River Rock has been growing more with Strata Maintenance to provide services to strata units throughout White Rock and Surrey. This is an area that we are looking to still build on and help those that are looking to find someone to take care of their Lawn Maintenance and grounds needs. If you are looking for a new Strata Maintenance company, or are in need to start with one, contact us to set up a time to do a walk through.

Contracts can range from 12 month to 9 month contracts, depending on what your needs are. Below is a rough idea what we do for strata weekly:



Lawn mowing and edging

Blowing of parking lots weekly.

Weed control of planted beds.

Cultivation of soil in garden beds.

Pruning of all plants to maintain manicure, tidy appearance, to best display beauty or function at all times.

Fertilization of plants as needed.

Work to be completed between Monday and Friday.

Maintain a pleasant and agreeable working relationship.

Care will be taken to maintain an overall appearance that is clean, tidy, healthy, and well manicured.

Garbage in garden beds or roadways will be removed and disposed of.

Spraying of herbicides to control sidewalk and other weeds.


Other Tasks:


Provide honest, reliable advice to strata regarding current and future lawn and garden maintance and growth, make strata aware of any developing problems or concerns.

Trimming of shrubs and ivy, as needed to maintain manicure, tidy appearance, to best display of beauty or function at all times.

Pruning of cedar hedging to be done in the fall.

Fertilizing lawn to maintain green and healthy appearance.

Fertilizing of shrubs as needed.

Trim large branches or top (15’ max) where needed in esthetically pleasing way, to keep them away from buildings and gutters.

Moss control application when and where needed.

Blowing of roadways and walkways and where needed.

Leaf clean up in fall.