Grouting Flagstone

After the flagstone was laid, we need to mortar the joints. When laying the flagstone, we make sure we have a minimum depth of 1/4 inch between the stone, so when we grout the joints it’s solid and wont chip off. Using a mortar mix, we coloured the mortar by mixing in a black powder. We need to measure the color mix and use the same amount of mortar every time so we have the right consistency. We keep the mix on the dry side and trowel and push the mortar into the joints. After it dries a bit, we brush of the access and wet sponge the mortar to make it flat and smooth. You also need to clean the edges of the flagstone with the sponge. A few days latter we went over the whole patio with a sealant to make it shinier. The sealant will also protect the mortar for a few years.